1. Tooth Healthy Snacks for Kids

    The Dental Centre aims to provide you and your family with the absolute best dentistry services in Ontario. To set up your next appointment, checkup or cleaning, contact us at the Dental Centre today! Practicing and promoting proper oral care is of the utmost importance for us here at the Dental Centre. When it comes to children, the younger they start off practicing good oral hygiene, the better …Read More

  2. 3 Things You Can Do to Get Fresh Breath

    When you don’t have fresh breath, it can lead to being uncomfortable when you’re around people, talking in close quarters, and a lot of other self-esteem issues. For some people, it seems that no matter what you try, you just can’t seem to get rid of that bad breath. It’s called halitosis and it’s a serious problem for millions of Canadians. Halitosis is most commonly the result of bacte…Read More

  3. The Pain of Flossing: The More You Do It, the Easier It Gets

    If you don’t floss a lot, then you’ll find that the first time you set out to do it on your own… it could be painful. When you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair and the assistant is flossing, it seems so easy and even though there could be very slight amount of pain, you don’t notice it nearly as much as when you go home and do it for the first time by yourself. That’s likely because…Read More

  4. 5 Common Foods to Avoid While Wearing Braces

    Braces are a mutual agreement reached by you and your orthodontist to straighten your teeth and/or jawline to improve your overall dental health. The most obvious improvement is your smile. Braces themselves are brackets and wires placed on the front, and more rarely, the back of teeth. These parts are easily damaged or bent by certain foods, resulting in frequent trips for straightening or repla…Read More

  5. Steps to Encourage Children to Take Care of their Teeth

    Children should be taught the importance of taking care of their teeth. There are many children who suffer with painful cavities and bad breath because they don’t know the proper way to brush. The following 4 steps will teach and encourage your child to develop good teeth brushing habits. Step 1 – Get in the habit of a brushing routine every morning, afternoon, and night for 2 to 3 minutes eac…Read More

  6. How To Best Care Adult Teeth

    Proper oral care and hygiene is the only way to keep a healthy, attractive smile through adulthood. Cavities and gum disease are a significant threat to adults that can lead to more serious health problems later on. No matter how old you are, it is important to maintain a healthy routine for your teeth and gums each and every day. Brush twice daily with a CDA approved fluoride toothpaste to break …Read More

  7. Proper Flossing Technique

    Despite what dentists have been telling us for years, most people still believe that flossing is only necessary when debris is caught between their teeth. While it does remove these particles, it is important as a part of your daily oral care. Brushing alone does not remove all of the plaque or smaller particles from your mouth. The only way to thoroughly clean between your teeth is to floss. If y…Read More

  8. Oral Hygiene Tips

    You can have an extremely healthy lifestyle but if you have poor oral health you will feel the effects far beyond pain in your mouth. Taking good care of your teeth is essential to overall good health. It can also help you avoid painful and expensive cavities, oral infections, and diseases like gingivitis. Studies have also shown that plaque buildup on teeth can contribute to artery and heart dise…Read More