1. Ages and Stages of Dental Health: Seniors

    As we grow older, we are vulnerable to many medical conditions and concerns. Taking care of our mouth and teeth is an important step to preventing problems, and knowing what you should watch for as an older adult can help you keep smiling for years to come! Today, in the last article in our series on ages and stages of dental health, we’ll be discussing the specific oral health concerns of senio…Read More

  2. Five Foods That Cause Cavities

    As the old adage goes, “You are what you eat”. Unfortunately, what you eat also affects your teeth, which can seriously jeopardize the longevity of your chompers. In this post, we’ll discuss foods that should be avoided if you’re hoping to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Contact The Dental Centre today for your annual checkup or any of your other dental health needs! With multiple locati…Read More

  3. How to Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

    Helping your son or daughter maintain good dental health is important to his or her overall health. Starting from an early age, it’s essential to teach your child how to brush his or her teeth properly, use dental floss daily, and make sure to always eat a healthy diet full of fiber, fruits and vegetables, and low-refined sugar. Dental health affects the health of the entire body and if it’s n…Read More

  4. 3 Common Misconceptions about Root Canals

    Any time you feel pain in your mouth it’s a sign that something’s not right. The longer you delay getting proper treatment, the more problematic those issues become. Root canals are not as horrible as people may make them sound. Some people are more sensitive to pain and discomfort than others. Here are three common misconceptions many people have about root canals. Common Misconception #1: Th…Read More

  5. 3 Ways the Condition of Your Teeth Say a Lot about Your Health

    Maybe you’ve been wondering whether or not you are in good health. Most people have a tendency to understand their health, at least in some general sense. For example, you may have a tendency to miss out on exercising every day, eat a donut for breakfast, grab fast food for lunch, and feel fatigued and lethargic during the later afternoon and evening hours. You have a pretty good idea that your …Read More

  6. 3 Decent Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

    When you are experiencing tooth pain nothing else seems to matter. Even as an adult, throbbing along the gum line can be extremely distracting, causing you to have difficulty focusing on work, conversations people are having with you, and more. It’s important that any time you experience tooth pain you make an appointment with your dentist. If you haven’t been to see a dentist in many years, t…Read More

  7. 4 Steps to Proper Flossing Techniques

    Flossing seems to intimidate far too many people. Yet flossing is one of the most important aspects of proper oral care. If you don’t know how to floss properly, your teeth are not in proper alignment, or they seem to be jammed together extremely tight, you might have difficulty working the floss in between the teeth. This can cause you to give up flossing altogether. Don’t give up. Here are f…Read More

  8. 3 Benefits to Wearing Braces, even for Adults

    Wearing braces is something millions of adolescents and older teenagers end up having to do at some point in their young life. They may not appreciate it at the time, but there are actually numerous benefits to wearing braces, even for adults. Below are three of those possible benefits. 1. Straighter teeth can mean more confidence. When a person is concerned about how their teeth look, they will h…Read More

  9. Why Teeth Today Are in Worse Condition than during the Stone Age

    If one were to really think about it, comparing the health of people today to those during the Stone Age might seem like a no-brainer. After all, people in the Stone Age didn’t live all that long, did they? No, they didn’t. Yet they were exposed to far greater health risks then we face today. The people who lived during that period of time had to deal with wild animals, limited shelter options…Read More

  10. 4 Steps to Encouraging a Child to Brush More Frequently

    Why do kids become so resistant to brushing their teeth? That’s a difficult question to answer, and while every child is different, it could be related to the fact they don’t seem to get any enjoyment out of it, it is viewed as a chore, or they don’t see the benefits of doing something like that for themselves. Here are four steps you might consider taking to encourage your child to brush mo…Read More