As the old adage goes, “You are what you eat”. Unfortunately, what you eat also affects your teeth, which can seriously jeopardize the longevity of your chompers. In this post, we’ll discuss foods that should be avoided if you’re hoping to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Contact The Dental Centre today for your annual checkup or any of your other dental health needs! With multiple locations designed to serve your needs, The Dental Centre is here for you to enjoy optimal dental health. Make an appointment with us today!

Sour gummy candies

Everyone knows that candy is bad for their teeth, but sour candies are even worse. This is because the ingredients that are used to make the candy sour are actually a combination of acids, which breaks down the enamel of the teeth. Combined with the gummy aspect of the candy and the high levels of sugar, your teeth’s enamel is no match for the one-two punch of sour gummy candies. If you’re craving something sweet, try eating a piece of fruit or a square of dark chocolate instead.

White bread

That peanut butter and jelly sandwich on white bread may not be the best choice for your teeth. When white bread is chewed, your saliva breaks it down into a gummy substance, which can lodge itself into small crevices and cause tooth decay. While you shouldn’t cut out bread entirely, whole wheat bread is a much better choice. If you do consume white bread, make sure you take plenty of sips of water between bites to rinse away food particles and always brush your teeth afterwards.


Many people enjoy sipping a beer or glass of wine after work, but alcohol can actually be awful for your dental health. This is because alcohol dehydrates your body, which can cause dry mouth. A dry mouth is a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and can actually exacerbate cavities and tooth decay. If you do drink an alcoholic beverage, make sure to drink at least eight ounces of water also to combat dry mouth.


Ice is a common snack for individuals who like to eat but are trying to conserve calories. Many people believe it’s healthy because it’s only water but gives the satisfaction of chewing and swallowing. Ice is a dentist’s nightmare because it can damage tooth enamel and is often the cause of broken, cracked, or chipped teeth. The extreme temperature can cause nerve pain or damage as well. Sugarless gum is an excellent option for ice-chewers, and if it is a serious problem, opt for drinks without ice to avoid the urge to chew it.


You probably already know this, but soda is just about the worst beverage for your dental health. The constant onslaught of sugar, carbonation, and artificial color actually has been shown to cause as much damage as using methamphetamine and crack cocaine. The carbonation paired with the sugar makes it easier for plaque to grow, and the consistent coating of acid creates a haven for your enamel to be damaged. If you do drink a soda, try swishing your mouth out with water afterwards to stop the acid erosion, but don’t brush your teeth. Your enamel takes about 20 minutes to re-harden after being softened by the carbonation, so brushing your teeth immediately will speed up decay.

Dental health is essential to enjoying a healthy life. If you’re ready for a dental checkup, contact The Dental Centre today. We’re dedicated to your dental health and our experienced staff will treat you with professionalism and understanding. Call today!