1. Five Foods That Cause Cavities

    As the old adage goes, “You are what you eat”. Unfortunately, what you eat also affects your teeth, which can seriously jeopardize the longevity of your chompers. In this post, we’ll discuss foods that should be avoided if you’re hoping to keep your teeth in tip-top shape. Contact The Dental Centre today for your annual checkup or any of your other dental health needs! With multiple locati…Read More

  2. How to Help Your Child Avoid Cavities

    Helping your son or daughter maintain good dental health is important to his or her overall health. Starting from an early age, it’s essential to teach your child how to brush his or her teeth properly, use dental floss daily, and make sure to always eat a healthy diet full of fiber, fruits and vegetables, and low-refined sugar. Dental health affects the health of the entire body and if it’s n…Read More

  3. Foods to Eat for Dental Health

    Are you interested in eating better for optimum dental health? Choosing the right foods for your teeth is more important than you probably realize. Eating highly acidic or sugary foods can actually cause major damage to your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. In this article, we’ll discuss the best foods you can consume to keep your teeth and mouth healthy. The Dental Centre is here to help y…Read More

  4. 3 Tips to Choosing the Right Dentist

    If you’ve recently moved or you haven’t visited a dentist in a long time, you should find a dentist as soon as possible. Some dental centers will be quite popular and may not be able to fit you in for some time, while others will be able to get your in for an appointment within a few days. Timeliness is important when it comes to dental care. When you search for the right dentist, pay attentio…Read More

  5. Pacifiers for Children and Dental Care

    For many years, babies and toddlers were given pacifiers or permitted to suck their thumbs without concern for their dental health. However, in recent years it has become increasingly important to educate parents about the risks of sucking on thumbs, or pacifiers, with regard to oral health. Why children rely on pacifiers Many children are weaned off of bottles or breast feeding through the use of…Read More

  6. 2 Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding is a common issue for millions of people. There are a few reasons why people grind their teeth, but they are mostly related to stress. If you grind your teeth at night, you may not even realize it. You may wake up with soreness in your mouth, along your gum line, or even at the root of certain teeth. The damage that grinding your teeth can have ranges from minor to severe. If you su…Read More

  7. 3 Reasons Teeth Get Stained

    Stained teeth can have a negative impact on not only your oral health, but it can affect your smile. When you are concerned about your teeth, you will tend to smile less and that can lead to a number of other problems, such as a loss of confidence and a depressed overall mood. It’s important to have a smile that you’re proud of, so when you end up with stained teeth, you should take care of th…Read More

  8. Proper Flossing Technique

    Despite what dentists have been telling us for years, most people still believe that flossing is only necessary when debris is caught between their teeth. While it does remove these particles, it is important as a part of your daily oral care. Brushing alone does not remove all of the plaque or smaller particles from your mouth. The only way to thoroughly clean between your teeth is to floss. If y…Read More

  9. Five Dental Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

    Even with regular checkups and cleanings, things can happen that affect your teeth and gums. Usually your dentist will spot these issues, but sometimes they come up in between appointments that should not be put off until your next cleaning. Keep in mind that by the time signs begin to appear in your mouth, the problem is likely advanced—so don’t hesitate to call your dentist if you experience…Read More

  10. Oral Hygiene Tips

    You can have an extremely healthy lifestyle but if you have poor oral health you will feel the effects far beyond pain in your mouth. Taking good care of your teeth is essential to overall good health. It can also help you avoid painful and expensive cavities, oral infections, and diseases like gingivitis. Studies have also shown that plaque buildup on teeth can contribute to artery and heart dise…Read More