1. Tooth Healthy Snacks for Kids

    The Dental Centre aims to provide you and your family with the absolute best dentistry services in Ontario. To set up your next appointment, checkup or cleaning, contact us at the Dental Centre today! Practicing and promoting proper oral care is of the utmost importance for us here at the Dental Centre. When it comes to children, the younger they start off practicing good oral hygiene, the better …Read More

  2. Cavity Prevention Tips for Adults

    At the Dental Centre, we are committed to providing the greater Ontario area with premium dental care services. Whether it’s general dentistry services, cosmetic dentistry, dental emergencies or otherwise, we are here to help you keep your smile looking great. For all of your dental needs in Ontario, contact the Dental Centre today! In a previous blog, we discussed some of the ways that you can …Read More

  3. The Best Ways to Prepare For Your Next Dental Exam

    No matter who we are, the closer we get to our scheduled dental cleaning and exam, the more we have a tendency to grow a bit nervous. Even if we practice exceptional oral hygiene, our hygienist and dentist possess a knowledge that we ourselves do not possess, and because of that, even in a small way, we have the tendency to think that the visit is going to be a bad one. If you practice proper oral…Read More

  4. Four Beverages That Are Harmful To Your Teeth

    There’s nothing quite like our favorite form of refreshment, is there? Whether it’s that hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning or that evening cocktail, there’s a beverage for every time of day. Unfortunately, some of these beverages, while tasty, can cause and/or lead to rather serious dental problems. In this blog, we will examine some of the more harmful beverages in relation to de…Read More

  5. 3 Lesser Known Benefits of Drinking Water for Healthy Teeth

    Many medical professionals will tell their patients and others that drinking eight glasses of water every day is essential for optimal health. The body is mostly made up of water and requires water for proper organ function. Whether it’s moving blood throughout the body, helping to improve brain function, keeping muscles from cramping, or anything else, not getting enough hydration can cause ser…Read More

  6. Veneers Are Not a Substitute for Proper Dental Care

    Most of us have been advised from an early age to take care of our teeth. We should be brushing and flossing twice a day, at least, and we should be watching what we eat. No matter what you do, though, you will find that there are challenges to maintaining a bright white smile. If you don’t have a smile that you’re proud of, if you have a tendency to hide your smile, then you could be looking …Read More

  7. All that Coffee Truly Does Affect Your Smile, and Your Breath

    If you drink coffee on a regular basis, then you’re not alone. There are millions of regular coffee drinkers throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada and for many of them, stained teeth and bad breath are part of the package deal. There are several foods and beverages (as well as a few bad habits) than affect the condition of our teeth. Soda can erode the enamel and cause staining. Smoking can …Read More

  8. The Health of Your Teeth can Affect Your Entire Life

    It’s easy to think that there’s no real connection between the condition of your teeth and the rest of your life, but there is. For many people, if they are not happy with their smile, if they are not confident with the condition of their teeth, they won’t smile as much. This is a clinically proven fact. If you don’t smile as much as you might if you had perfect, white, straight teeth, the…Read More

  9. Pacifiers for Children and Dental Care

    For many years, babies and toddlers were given pacifiers or permitted to suck their thumbs without concern for their dental health. However, in recent years it has become increasingly important to educate parents about the risks of sucking on thumbs, or pacifiers, with regard to oral health. Why children rely on pacifiers Many children are weaned off of bottles or breast feeding through the use of…Read More

  10. 2 Ways to Prevent Teeth Grinding

    Teeth grinding is a common issue for millions of people. There are a few reasons why people grind their teeth, but they are mostly related to stress. If you grind your teeth at night, you may not even realize it. You may wake up with soreness in your mouth, along your gum line, or even at the root of certain teeth. The damage that grinding your teeth can have ranges from minor to severe. If you su…Read More