1. The Confidence Killer: Stained Teeth and How You Can Change Your Fortunes

    Stained, yellowing teeth can affect many aspects of your life. Not only can they be signs of potential oral health problems in the future, they can affect your confidence as well. When you have stained teeth, either from smoking, drinking coffee, consuming soda, or even poor oral hygiene habits through the years, you may wake up one morning, look in the mirror when you’re getting ready, and noti…Read More

  2. All that Coffee Truly Does Affect Your Smile, and Your Breath

    If you drink coffee on a regular basis, then you’re not alone. There are millions of regular coffee drinkers throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada and for many of them, stained teeth and bad breath are part of the package deal. There are several foods and beverages (as well as a few bad habits) than affect the condition of our teeth. Soda can erode the enamel and cause staining. Smoking can …Read More