post-oral-surgery-300x199Any time you feel pain in your mouth it’s a sign that something’s not right. The longer you delay getting proper treatment, the more problematic those issues become.

Root canals are not as horrible as people may make them sound. Some people are more sensitive to pain and discomfort than others. Here are three common misconceptions many people have about root canals.

Common Misconception #1: They are painful.

Your dentist, as long as he or she is highly experienced, is going to know how to anesthetize your mouth. As a result, you’re not going to feel the procedure at all.

Common Misconception #2: After the root canal is when the pain kicks in.

Once you tell a person they won’t feel the actual root canal they will probably mention about the pain afterward. As long as your dentist has prescribed proper pain management medication, you shouldn’t feel too much pain at all.

There may be some discomfort from time to time, but that’s not the same as real pain.

Common Misconception #3: It’s not going to help.

Some people honestly believe a root canal isn’t going to help them in the future. In truth, a dentist is only going to recommend a root canal when it’s going to bring comfort and protect the individual from increased pain due to problems in the future.

When a nerve is exposed due to a cavity for an extended length of time, it can lead to numerous other problems. By having a root canal, it helps to deaden the pain and allow the individual to get back to proper oral care for the future.