1. Strategies to Help Kids Maintain Good Oral Health when Wearing Braces

    It’s tough enough to encourage children to maintain proper oral health, but when they suddenly have braces it can be even more challenging for parents. Braces mean that kids have to avoid certain foods, such as caramel, chewing gum, chips and other hard foods. Encouraging them to brush after every meal is absolutely essential to maintaining good oral health and reducing bad breath. Having braces…Read More

  2. Periodontal Surgery May be an Option to Stop Gum Disease in Its Tracks

    Gum disease affects millions of people throughout Canada every year. There are numerous things that can be done to help combat this oral health problem, but when you’re talking about periodontal disease, completely removing the bacterial plaque and hardened deposits is the only way to completely stop the infection. Dentists can use scalars, ultrasonic equipment, or even both to help remove these…Read More

  3. The Right Time to Schedule Your Baby’s First Dental Appointment

    There are many things that new parents worry about with their baby. They worry about the baby sleeping at night, eating properly, whether he or she is growing at the right rate, their brain development, and so much more. One thing that is commonly overlooked for too long, though, is their dental care. Most infants will begin to ‘cut’ their first teeth (meaning their baby teeth will begin pushi…Read More

  4. When to Take Your Newborn for their First Dental Visit

    Ask any parent of a newborn about when they should first bring their baby to the dentist and they may furrow their brow and wonder what you’re talking about. That’s because the average age that a parent brings their child to the dentist is 2 ½ years old. However, dentists have been recommending that infants be brought to visit with their dentist by the age of 1. That is about 6 months before …Read More

  5. Steps to Encourage Children to Take Care of their Teeth

    Children should be taught the importance of taking care of their teeth. There are many children who suffer with painful cavities and bad breath because they don’t know the proper way to brush. The following 4 steps will teach and encourage your child to develop good teeth brushing habits. Step 1 – Get in the habit of a brushing routine every morning, afternoon, and night for 2 to 3 minutes eac…Read More

  6. How Do I Help My Children Care for Their Teeth?

    Oral care and hygiene is important starting at an early age. Teaching your children properly will help them stay healthier in general and benefit them later in the life. You can start by setting an example; taking good care of your own teeth sends a message that oral health is something to be valued. And anything that makes taking care of teeth fun, like brushing along with your child or letting t…Read More

  7. What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

    As there are children’s doctors and hospitals, there are also dentists who specialize in children’s oral health – pediatric dentists. In order to become a pediatric dentist someone would have to complete four years of dentistry school as well as an additional two or three more years of schooling. It is a specialty in the field, so a regular dentist can also be a pediatric dentist. Through th…Read More