family-dentistry-300x210There are many things that new parents worry about with their baby. They worry about the baby sleeping at night, eating properly, whether he or she is growing at the right rate, their brain development, and so much more. One thing that is commonly overlooked for too long, though, is their dental care.

Most infants will begin to ‘cut’ their first teeth (meaning their baby teeth will begin pushing through their gums by the time they are 6 months old. There’s no need for the parents to bring their child to a dentist at this point.

There will be pain and discomfort for the infant during the time when their teeth begin to come in. This is the period most commonly referred to as ‘teething.’ Babies may be inconsolable for a period of time and they will often cry a lot during this part of their development. As long as the gums are not red and swollen and it doesn’t appear that there is anything abnormal going on with their teeth, then they don’t need to bring their baby to the dentist just yet.

However, parents should be sure to schedule their baby’s first dental appointment for when they turn 1 year old. At this point in time the dentist can take a good assessment of the baby’s teeth, the alignment, and address any potential issues that are arising at the very beginning.

Avoid putting off that first dental appointment as early care can make a world of difference for long-term oral health for the child.