1. Proper Flossing Techniques to Improve Oral Care

    If you have never flossed before, it may seem confusing trying to figure out the proper techniques. Proper oral care begins with regular brushing followed by flossing. Improper flossing techniques will often mean a limited positive impact by the flossing itself. A common mistake. The most common mistake people make when flossing is that they move the floss between their teeth but then slide the fl…Read More

  2. The Pain of Flossing: The More You Do It, the Easier It Gets

    If you don’t floss a lot, then you’ll find that the first time you set out to do it on your own… it could be painful. When you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair and the assistant is flossing, it seems so easy and even though there could be very slight amount of pain, you don’t notice it nearly as much as when you go home and do it for the first time by yourself. That’s likely because…Read More

  3. Tips for Fresh Breath

    Everyone suffers from bad breath from time to time, no matter how regimented their cleaning routine. Most commonly you get bad breath from the food you eat or from bacteria left on your teeth, gums, and tongue. Here are a few tips to keep your breath fresh all day long: Make daily flossing and brushing part of your routine. Make sure to get your teeth, gums, and tongue. Clean as far back on your t…Read More