1. Worried about Teeth X-Rays for Kids? Why It’s Important and No Real Risk

    When many people think about x-rays, they think about radiation. As a result, far too many parents have great reservations about having their children’s teeth x-rayed. X-rays are an invaluable diagnostic tool for dentists. These x-rays help dentists notice whether or not the teeth are coming in properly, the size of the teeth, and any empty spaces that could indicate missing teeth. They also all…Read More

  2. Concerns about Radiation and Other Issues from Dental X-Rays

    Taking dental x-rays is, for a lot of people, a serious concern. We have learned throughout the years that x-rays essentially expose us to radiation. Radiation has been known to cause cancer, thus the significant concerns that some people have about being exposed to unnecessary x-rays. However, dental x-rays are often important to be able to determine the condition of the teeth and check on other …Read More

  3. Teeth X-Rays for Children

    X-rays are a valuable diagnostic tool in many areas of healthcare including dental visits. They help your dentist identify many factors in adults and children such as: how teeth are coming in, position and size of teeth, extra teeth or empty spaces in the gums (missing teeth), monitoring injuries, seeing/monitoring oral infections, identifying bone diseases, and problems beyond the scope of a visu…Read More