1. Why You Shouldn’t Fear Dental X-Rays

    Most people actually have some type of fear or trepidation about going to the dentist. It usually stems from some previous bad experience or listening to the bad experiences of others recounting the pain that they had to endure, the poor workmanship they might’ve received, or the fact that even with Novocain being injected into their gums they still felt discomfort and pain during the procedures…Read More

  2. Concerns about Radiation and Other Issues from Dental X-Rays

    Taking dental x-rays is, for a lot of people, a serious concern. We have learned throughout the years that x-rays essentially expose us to radiation. Radiation has been known to cause cancer, thus the significant concerns that some people have about being exposed to unnecessary x-rays. However, dental x-rays are often important to be able to determine the condition of the teeth and check on other …Read More

  3. How Dental X-Rays Work

    Chances are you will need dental x-rays from time to time. How many and how often depend on the overall health of your teeth and mouth. If you’re prone to tooth decay, your dentist may recommend dental X-rays annually to identify weak spots and treat them before the decay progresses. When you start with a new dentist, they are likely to take X-rays to become more familiar with your teeth and any…Read More