1. Ages and Stages of Dental Health: Adults

    The time between the teenage years – when our parents are often in charge of making our dentist appointments – and adulthood is when many people start to neglect their oral health. It is just as important in your 20s and beyond as it was when you were a child, even if you have learned to cut back on sugary snacks and brush regularly! Neglect can lead to cavities, pain and decay, infection, too…Read More

  2. The Top 5 Reasons People Tend to Avoid the Dentist

    If you were to ask 100 people why they don’t visit the dentist, you’ll probably get an incredible number of different answers. Out of all of those potential answers, below are the top five excuses people make to avoid a trip to the dentist. Reason #1: I don’t have time. Reason #2: I don’t have the money right now. Reason #3: I’m worried about problems. Reason #4: I don’t like pain. Rea…Read More