The time between the teenage years – when our parents are often in charge of making our dentist appointments – and adulthood is when many people start to neglect their oral health. It is just as important in your 20s and beyond as it was when you were a child, even if you have learned to cut back on sugary snacks and brush regularly! Neglect can lead to cavities, pain and decay, infection, tooth loss, and more serious symptoms.

At the Dental Centres, we’re dedicated to upholding positive oral health for all patients, young and old and anywhere in between. Previously in our ages and stages dental health series, we discussed what to watch for in kids. Today, we’re talking about what steps you should take as an adult to care for your own oral health. Read on to learn more, and don’t forget to schedule your regular teeth cleaning and check-up at a Dental Centre near you!

Recommit to Good Habits

If you are a parent, you may be used to nagging your kids to regularly brush their teeth or floss. When you don’t have your own guardian watching over your oral healthcare routine, healthy habits can start to slide. As an adult, you need to take personal responsibility for your oral health and make a renewed commitment to good habits!

You should continue to brush your teeth and floss daily, and watch out for symptoms of problems like cavities or gum disease. A buildup of plaque and tartar, left behind by less-than-regular brushing, can lead to gingivitis and other serious issues.

Schedule Regular Dentist Appointments

If you do experience cavities or gum disease, keep in mind that treatments become less pleasant as the problem worsens. Cavities that are too deep to fill, for example, may need to be treated with a root canal.

Make sure you schedule regular teeth cleanings and examinations to keep serious issues at bay, and if you experience uncomfortable or painful symptoms, seek help as soon as possible! You should visit your dentist every six months for optimal results, although the Dental Centre is also available for emergency dental services if you need immediate attention.

Consider Your Ideal Smile

As we discussed in our last blog, many teens have braces to help correct misalignment or cosmetic problems. If your family didn’t make the decision to invest in orthodontics, or the passing years have led to crooked teeth once again, then you may want to think about adult braces! You deserve to have complete confidence in your smile, and the team at a Dental Centre near you can help you find it again.

You may also want to consider teeth whitening! Age as well as staining foods and beverages like wine or coffee can dim the healthy color of your teeth. The Dental Centres offer GLO teeth whitening, a revolutionary system you can use at home to achieve professional-grade results. Contact one of our Ontario locations to learn more and bring home your system today!

For more serious flaws, you have options. The Dental Centres provide a number of restorative dentistry services, from porcelain crowns and veneers to tooth-colored fillings. We know that even small changes in the shape, color, or position of your teeth can affect the look of your smile and how you feel, which is why we work so hard to provide results you’re happy with.

Contact the Dental Centres Today

As an adult, you are in charge of your own oral health. Make the best choice for best results, and find the care you need at a nearby Dental Centre! We have locations throughout Ontario, including in Stouffville, Uxbridge, Sunderland, and Port Perry, to make it easier than ever to maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. Explore our site to learn more about all the dental care services we offer, and call today to schedule your next appointment!