Your oral health is important to your overall health no matter your age, but there are some dental concerns that come to the forefront with each new stage in life. The Dental Centres in Ontario are here to help you every step of the way with high-quality dental care and advice. We have four locations from Sunderland to Stouffville to ensure there is a trustworthy dentist office near you, and you can always learn more oral health tips and tricks here at our blog.

In our last article, we discussed what parents and guardians should watch for in babies. Today, we continue our discussion of dental health with a focus on older kids.

As your kids grow and mature, you should try to encourage them to take more responsibility for their own oral health. However, your role as a parent or guardian is far from over. Everyone has tried to sneak past their parent and avoid brushing their teeth at least once or twice, and mistakes in this period of a child’s life can lead to long-term problems. At the Dental Centres, we encourage you to watch out for habit breakers and make a few of these suggestions a part of your family’s dental care plan!

Invest in Dental Sealants

Brushing and flossing are important steps to healthy teeth, but they aren’t the only ways to protect your child’s smile. There is a simple investment you can make to protect their oral health for years to come: dental sealants. Sealants effectively “seal” your child’s teeth with a thin, safe coating, which can help prevent bacteria or leftovers from sticking to your child’s teeth and causing future problems.

You may be wondering at what age sealants are appropriate for children. The answer is simple. If your little one is old enough to start school, then they are old enough for sealants, too! You can contact a Dental Centre near you to make an appointment and check this off your to-do list.

Provide Healthy Snacks

It should come as no surprise to you, but we wanted to remind you – and your kids – that candy, soda, gum, and other sugary snacks pave the way for cavities. Regular brushing can help prevent problems, but you should also encourage your kids to choose healthier snacks and drink plenty of water. Not only will this benefit their oral hygiene, but also their overall physical health!

One thing to keep in mind is that any abundance of sugary or acidic foods can be damaging, no matter what part of the food group it’s in. Fruit, for example, is an important part of every diet. However, an abundance of citrus or sticky dried fruits can cause plenty of damage to teeth, so it’s important that you make mindful choices when you serve your child their next snack.

Prevent Injuries

For active kids, another concern you may have regarding the health of their teeth is sports injuries! Accidents and contact sports can lead to chipped or broken teeth or other problems. A mouth guard can help your child avoid painful or uncomfortable accidents and protect your wallet from the costs of a dental emergency.

Visit the Dentist

An important part of continuing oral health no matter your age is visiting the dentist regularly! Whether you are looking into dental sealants, a solution for a chipped tooth, or a simple checkup, the Dental Centres can help. We have four convenient locations throughout Ontario so you can find a dentist you trust in your neighborhood, and you can always consult our blog to learn more about oral health care and what you can do to keep your family’s smiles healthy and beautiful. Make an appointment for your child today, and check back soon to learn what dental care concerns you should anticipate as they grow!