Teens’ lives are busy. With school, extracurriculars, and a possible job – not to mention their hormone-fueled attitudes – taking care of their oral health may not be high on the list. However, keeping their teeth and gums healthy is key to keeping their smile bright, and as we’ve talked about before, bad oral health can have serious impacts on their social lives. Taking care of your teen’s teeth is more important than you may think, and the Dental Centres have locations throughout Ontario to make it easier than you may think, too.

Today, in our series on ages and stages of dental health, we’ll be talking about a few oral health highlights of your child’s teenage years. Keep an eye out for signs of problems, and make sure you schedule a dental checkup every six months to a year to keep your teen healthy! Read on to learn more, and contact a Dental Centre near you today to make an appointment.

Watch for Signs of Stress

Teens experience a lot of stress from social situations, school, and more, and this can not only affect their overall health, but also the health of their teeth. Emotional eating and teeth grinding– also known as bruxism – can be symptoms of stress, and if not diagnosed or corrected, either condition can damage your teen’s teeth. Teeth grinding can lead to cracks and breaks, and emotional eating can expose your child’s teeth and gums to high levels of sugar and acid that can also lead to decay.

There are mouth guards made to minimize the effects of bruxism, but emotional eating can be harder to tackle. Whether you notice your teen experience one or both, it is likely worth your time to help them find healthier forms of stress management. Not only can it save their teeth from unnecessary damage, but effective stress management can also improve their overall mental and physical health.

Explore Wisdom Teeth Removal

As your child’s teeth move and develop, you may also want to consider wisdom teeth removal. As their wisdom teeth emerge – typically in their late teens – it can cause crowding and tooth pain. Wisdom teeth removal is a simple solution to remove these unnecessary teeth and prevent the problems they may cause.

An appointment with the team at a Dental Centre near you can help you determine if your teen’s wisdom teeth – if they have them – are a risk to their oral health or their comfort. We can also discuss what your options are moving forward.

Consider Braces

Many kids get braces in their early teenage years! If you are considering investing in braces for cosmetic or medical reasons, then it can diminish your child’s embarrassment or reluctance if they get braces at the same time as most of their friends. If your teen is feeling self-conscious about misaligned teeth, an overbite, or an underbite, getting braces during these years creates the opportunity for them to gain more confidence in their smile while also fitting in with other friends with braces.

Orthodontics can also be an important step in improving their everyday life. Aside from straightening teeth for aesthetics, braces can be essential in correcting a child’s bite or teeth alignment, making it easier for them to eat, speak, and keep their teeth and gums clean. A clean, comfortable smile can be an important improvement to their overall health and their social life!

Whether your teen is in need of a routine dental checkup or you have questions about more intensive oral health procedures like wisdom teeth removal or orthodontics, the Dental Centre teams can help. We have convenient locations throughout Toronto, from Stouffville to Port Perry, and every office is dedicated to offering you and your family a high-quality experience. Explore our site to learn more about all the dental services we offer, and call a location near you to schedule your next appointment! We look forward to working with you toward a healthy, beautiful smile.