1. Why Dentists Prefer to Save Your Real Teeth

    If given the choice, almost any dentist will prefer to work on saving your natural teeth rather than moving to any other option. There are usually several options with regard to replacing broken, chipped, or missing teeth. There are dentures, dental implants, and bridges. While those may seem like the easier option for some people, they aren’t the most ideal. Your teeth are special because of th…Read More

  2. Three Ways to Deal with Missing Teeth

    The three most common ways dentists deal with missing teeth are a permanent bridge, an appliance (denture or retainer), or a permanent implant. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. They are broken down for you below. A permanent bridge is attached to the two teeth that surround the missing one. Those two teeth will be crowned and a fake tooth is connected between the crowns – hence …Read More