1. Bridges, Caps, or Dentures … Which One is Right for You?

    You might know that it’s well past time to visit your dentist. Maybe you have some pain in your mouth, a chipped or cracked tooth, or perhaps you have a missing tooth or more. Without proper dental care throughout your life, thanks to highly processed foods, soda (pop), coffee, chocolate, alcohol, smoking, and much more … your teeth are going to take a beating. It’s going to weaken those tee…Read More

  2. Three Ways to Deal with Missing Teeth

    The three most common ways dentists deal with missing teeth are a permanent bridge, an appliance (denture or retainer), or a permanent implant. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. They are broken down for you below. A permanent bridge is attached to the two teeth that surround the missing one. Those two teeth will be crowned and a fake tooth is connected between the crowns – hence …Read More