gum-health-300x200Maybe you’ve heard about water pics for oral health for quite some time. These devices were incredibly popular during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, and while they are still around and a lot of people do use them, they aren’t going to offer the kind of benefit you might hope for.

Why people use water pics.

One of most common reason a person uses a water pick is to try and clean food and other particulates out from between their teeth and along the gum line. In truth, below are three reasons why a water pick is just not going to be as effective or efficient as you might have originally thought.

Reason #1: A toothbrush is just as effective.

In fact, proper brushing techniques will remove a significant portion of food and other particulates that get caught along the gum line. If you’re brushing properly, there is no need for a water pick to clean around your gums.

Reason #2: Floss.

If you want to truly get the food and other particulates out from between your teeth, floss. If you have difficulty flossing because of crooked teeth, a narrow jaw, or other issues, make a visit to your dentist and have him or her show you the proper techniques for your teeth.

You can also rely on disposable floss pics that make it easier to get in narrower jaws.

Reason #3: They can do more damage than you realize.

Any time you are blasting your teeth with high water pressure, you can actually do damage. Your enamel could be weak and break off, it can rip out a cavity filling, or even cause damage to your gum line.

The best bet is to get in the habit of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash properly for at least two times every day, morning and night. Doing it after every meal is always the best option.