1. Tooth Pain Can Signal Major Problems

    Experiencing any kind of pain in your jaw or around your teeth can indicate a more serious oral health issue. Often, though, if the tooth pain is minor, most people tend to ignore it, hoping that likely it will go away on its own. This might happen, but eventually, the pain will return and when it does it will probably be more intense. Any time that you experience pain in your body, it’s telling…Read More

  2. How To Tell If You Need A Root Canal

    Sometimes the first sign of the need for root canal treatment appears on an x-ray, where your regular dentist will notice a change in the density of the bone at the apex of the tooth. But usually you will know or become slowly aware of the need for treatment in perhaps one of several ways. You will start to notice toothache pain. Many people who need a root canal will start to feel pain at the too…Read More