1. Your Dentist Ordered a Root Canal: Now What?

    You went to your dentist for the first time in several years and even though you were worried about what she might find, you didn’t expect that she would recommend a root canal. A root canal is a serious bit of work, and is considered oral surgery. This is a process by which the dentist will cut down and essentially disable the nerve endings in the tooth. Usually when that cavity is so severe or…Read More

  2. What Is Restorative Dentistry?

    Restorative dentistry is a term you hear frequently when it comes to oral care but many people are actually unsure of what it refers to. The standard definition is the integrated management of oral health problems and restoration of the mouth to a functional and esthetic state. Most general dentists are able to perform many of these procedures without additional education and certification. It dep…Read More

  3. How To Tell If You Need A Root Canal

    Sometimes the first sign of the need for root canal treatment appears on an x-ray, where your regular dentist will notice a change in the density of the bone at the apex of the tooth. But usually you will know or become slowly aware of the need for treatment in perhaps one of several ways. You will start to notice toothache pain. Many people who need a root canal will start to feel pain at the too…Read More