antibiotics-300x255Antibiotics are usually prescribed to fight some type of infection, either viral or bacterial. When you’re going in for major dental work, it’s usually going to result in cutting of the gums and that exposes those gums to all of the bacteria that naturally sits inside your mouth.

If that bacteria gets into your gums and into your bloodstream, it can cause infections and even illnesses. Some people believe that by taking antibiotics prior to dental work they are fighting off those infections before they become rooted in their system. This is simply not true. Basically the only thing an antibiotic is going to do when taken before major dental work is giving the virus or bacteria an opportunity to become immune to that particular antibiotic.

If you have any questions about major dental work you have scheduled coming up, make sure you sit down and talk to your dentists about them. It’s best to always ask questions and get reasonable answers instead of trying to rely on outside advice.

If you have concerns about anything your current dentist has told you about your oral health, dental work you need, or anything else, you can always contact The Dental Centre for a second opinion or to rely on highly experienced and trained professionals who can bring you comfort and healing that helps you get the kind of smile you deserve and want.