teeth-300x200Removable partial dentures, or sometimes referred to as RPD’s, are a common option for individuals who have lost multiple teeth.

One of the NOT recommended choices you can make when it comes to these removable partial dentures is choosing what are commonly referred to as “flippers”. These have earned that nickname as a result of the simplicity of them being popped out by the tongue motion. Some people see these as a reliable permanent replacement for lost teeth, especially forward facing teeth, but these plastic RPD’s are only intended to be transitional replacements. In other words, they are only meant to be temporary and not permanent. They are commonly used during a healing period that follows a major periodontal procedure.

If these plastic RPD’s are worn permanently, they have the potential to cause long-term oral health problems. They can force gum disease infections deeper into the gum tissues. They also promote bacterial plaque growth.

Metal replacement partial dentures, especially those made from cast vitallium or gold alloy, will fit securely and snugly within the mouth. They can still cause plaque buildup, but as long as a person using these RPD’s practices good oral hygiene, gets regular checkups, and takes good care of those devices, they can be reliable for many years.

If you’re dealing with numerous lost teeth, sit down and talk to your dentist about various replacement partial denture options. Try to avoid even considering plastic RPD’s as a long-term solution to your oral health problems.

If you have a number of oral health issues at the moment, and if you’re looking for a new dentist, contact The Dental Centre, even if you’re still trying to decide what RPD’s to use.