For those who have crooked teeth or some other issues that make it difficult to floss, here are three ways you can improve this habit over time.

Choose the right type of floss.

A waxed floss may be more practical for somebody with crooked teeth. Some of those teeth can be wedged together, making it extremely difficult to maneuver floss between them. However, if your dentist can do it, so can you.

Practice in the mirror.

Instead of trying to feel your way around your teeth with a piece of floss, use a mirror. It will probably take some time to get used to seeing the reflection of your hands moving in what feels like an opposite direction, but the more you do it, the easier it will become.

Consider trying floss picks.

You can pick these up at just about any supermarket or pharmacy. These floss picks are small, plastic devices with a short run of floss at the end. This can make it easier to maneuver it into hard-to-reach places. This is especially beneficial if you have a narrow jaw that makes it difficult to get your hands into your mouth.

When you floss on a regular basis, you’re helping to protect your teeth now and well into the future.