dental-199x300The body is an incredible system. Just about every single component of the human body can affect other areas of health and well-being. When you are focused on maintaining proper oral health, it has a direct and positive influence on your overall health.

There are number of ways this happens. One of the most significant is that when people don’t brush and floss on a regular basis, they are not getting rid of the bacteria that exists in the mouth. There is always going to be bacteria existing within the mouth, and most of it is harmless, but the less care somebody provides for their oral health, the more bad bacteria can begin forming. This can lead to infections in the gums and even tooth decay.

When that happens, the bacteria that exist in the mouth has easier access to the bloodstream and can be carried directly to the heart, which can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is some research that suggests clogged arteries and stroke may be directly linked to certain bacteria that resides in the mouth.

Another way is for women when they are pregnant. When a mother to be is dealing with a periodontist, it increases the risk of premature birth and the baby experiencing a low birth weight.

The third way that your oral health could very well be affecting your overall health is with a disease called Sjogren’s syndrome. This is a condition that affects the immune system and can cause dry mouth. It can also potentially be linked to various eating disorders.

In order to avoid increasing the risk of certain health issues, not only should a person eat a healthier diet, get exercise on a regular basis, avoid sugary foods and carbonated beverages, but they should also be focused on their oral care. There should be no excuse that somebody doesn’t brush and floss at least twice a day, every single day.