smiling-girl-dentist-300x199Dental care is absolutely essential for people of all ages, including infants and the elderly. It’s more than just about your teeth, especially what is going on with your teeth that cannot be seen visually.

There are a number of germs and other bacteria that grow in your mouth. Some of these bacteria cause halitosis, or bad breath. That can be problematic for people, especially those who have a tendency to talk to others in close quarters. A person can be self-conscious about their breath and no matter what they do (chewing gum, rinsing with mouthwash repeatedly, etc.) they can’t seem to make it any better.

It’s also about health and well-being. Research has recently indicated that bacteria can enter the bloodstream through infected, swollen, or bleeding gums. That bacteria then makes a straight line for the heart and can actually be directly associated with some types of heart disease.

As for your teeth, plaque buildup and other issues are essentially impossible to see with the naked eye. Just because your teeth look okay and you’re not experiencing pain, that doesn’t mean you’re not developing serious plaque buildup, gingivitis, or even having some of the enamel on your teeth beginning to deteriorate.

Take the advice of tens of thousands of dentists around the world and make an appointment for dental care every six months.