floss-700-300x199There are several things you should be doing for proper oral care. The most common things people think about is brushing at least twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash. One of the major drawbacks for people when it comes to flossing, though, is that it can be painful.

Here are three tips that can help make flossing a bit more comfortable and less painful.

Tip #1: Use the right type of floss.

If you have teeth that are very close together, you should consider a waxed floss. This will allow the floss to move in between the teeth more effectively. As it does so, it will be less likely to strike the gums when they get past the tightest part between the teeth.

Tip #2: Only use one part of the floss between one or two teeth, at most.

Instead of trying to floss all of your teeth with one small piece of floss, keep shifting the floss so that it is fresh when moving between each space between your teeth.

Tip #3: Visit your dentist every six months.

Your dentist will be able to determine if there are any issues with your gums or teeth that need to be addressed right away. These issues, such as gum disease, could be causing your discomfort and even pain. While you may not feel it throughout most of the day, when you floss it could be exacerbated by the process of flossing. By visiting your dentist at least every six months, you are helping to reduce the risk of irritating and aggravating those gums, thus causing pain.