antibiotics-300x255The most common antibiotic is a prophylaxis. If you or somebody you know has a history of heart disease or heart related issues and they may need some type of dental work, it’s important that they speak to not only their primary care physician but also the dentist before any work is begun.

Everyone has bacteria in their mouth. Most of the bacteria is there for a good reason, to help to begin digesting food before it enters the stomach. It makes digestion much easier on the body and that helps to promote the absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients.

However, when bacteria enters the bloodstream it can get to the heart, causing some serious issues. In most cases the bacteria is not going to cause an infection anywhere else in the body, but for those with previously diagnosed heart conditions, antibiotics may be recommended prior to any type of dental work.

According to the American Heart Association, the following individuals may need to take some type of antibiotic prophylaxis before dental work:

  • Those with an artificial heart valve.
  • Those with a history of an infection in the lining of the heart or heart valves. This is called infective endocarditis.
  • Those who have had a heart transplant.
  • Heart conditions or defects that have been prevalent since birth.
  • The best thing anyone can do when they have any heart related issues and may require some dental work in the future is to make an appointment with their doctor as well as their dentist to go over the prospect of taking some type of antibiotic prophylaxis.