file4211233875438It is undeniable that your self-confidence gets a boost when you have a great smile. Modern advances in cosmetic dentistry have enabled just about anyone to get the perfect smile. Here are the top performed cosmetic procedures done throughout Canada.

Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Whitening products can be purchased at drug stores but they are of a much weaker strength than the procedure your dentist can perform. This kind of treatment is used to eliminate tooth stains and discoloration. The results can be instantly visible and should last for several years.

Dental Implants

Implants are popular for both replacing a single lost tooth or as an alternative to dentures. Implants look and feel more natural than most dentures and they are permanent. The teeth will be planted directly into the bones so you will not have to worry about your teeth falling out. These tend to be a costlier option, though.

Dental Bonding

Small problems like a slightly crooked or chipped tooth are easily fixable using bonding. A clay-like material will be applied to the teeth and a special kind of intense light will be used to harden the material and give the best possible results.


Veneers are typically made of porcelain and used to cover damaged teeth so they look shiny and white. These are usually used on people with discolored or badly stained teeth. Your teeth will look perfect once the veneers are in place.

White Fillings

Just about everyone gets cavities and for many years metal was used to fill them. White fillings are taking the place of the metallic fillings because they look more natural and don’t tarnish your smile. They are designed to blend in with your teeth.

Dental Bridge -Fixed partial denture

If you are missing a tooth a bridge can be the perfect solution. A false tooth will be fixed in the missing one’s place and connected to the two adjacent teeth. Bridges are better alternatives to removable partial dentures in comfort level as well as aesthetic appeal.