teeth-300x222Teeth whitening is the most requested elective dental procedure in Canada. Not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure and there is more to think about than just whitening your teeth. Each individual has a different mouth and dental history. Here are some of the things that you should consider before scheduling your whitening procedure:

Some existing dental work may be affected by the whitening procedure. Porcelain and fillings that have been made to match your teeth may not match once the procedure is complete. If you have had gaps filled, crowns placed, veneers put on, or other procedures done, they might stand out after the whitening is done. If this is the case, you will need to replace them with shades that match your newly whitened teeth.
The type or cause of your tooth discoloration can affect the success of the whitening. If your tooth stains are from smoking, coffee, wine, or other similar things, the regular procedure should work just fine. But if you have deeply embedded discoloration that is genetic or caused by an illness you will need more intensive whitening or veneers to brighten your smile.

If you have oral disease, such as gingivitis or even a few cavities, you cannot have this procedure done. Your mouth needs to be in good health, decay free, and all your fillings need to be intact before your dentist will consider the whitening procedure. Your teeth also need to be professionally cleaned and polished beforehand.

Keeping your teeth white after the procedure is also important. Your lifestyle and choices may need to be altered to retain your new, bright white smile. You should avoid stain causing foods and drinks, and if you are a smoker it’s best to quit before having the procedure done.

When considering the benefits of teeth whitening, it is important to discuss your options with your dentist. There are many cosmetic options available but the condition of your teeth and oral health may affect what you can have done. Talk things over with you dentist and decide together what will work best for your mouth so you can be on your way to an improved smile and self-confidence.