We all want a beautiful, bright, and healthy smile. However, it’s important to make sure that you take good care of both your oral and dental health to ensure that you’ll enjoy healthy teeth for years on end. In this post, we’ll detail some of the best ways that will help you to maintain your dental health. If you’re searching for a trusted dentist in Ontario, contact The Dental Center today! We’re proud to offer several different locations and excellent dental care for all of our patients. Call today for an appointment!

Not Brushing Twice a Day

Brushing twice a day is the most important way to take care of your teeth. Regular brushing reduces the amount of bacteria in your mouth, which in turn helps to keep plaque from forming on your teeth. Many studies have proven that if you fail to brush before bed just once a week, the chances of a cavity forming increase by more than 20 percent. Make sure that you’re brushing at least for two minutes twice a day.

Incorrect Technique

While you may be brushing regularly, you could be missing important parts of your mouth. Try to not brush when you’re in a hurry, or you could miss the back molars, which food is often lodged in. If you find yourself struggling to stay awake long enough to brush well at night, try brushing after dinner so you’re completely awake and can pay attention to your brushing technique. Also be ake sure that you’re not eating or drinking after you brush.

Not Using Floss

How many times has your dental hygienist told you that you need to floss more? No matter how often that you brush, the bristles can’t reach between teeth. Food and bacteria can lodge in between teeth and cause cavities quickly if you don’t floss regularly. The buildup of plaque along the gum line is the leading cause of gum disease, so make sure you floss after you brush every time.

Too Much Sugar

Eating sugary foods or consuming sugary beverages will wreak havoc on your teeth. While it can be difficult, it’s crucial to dental health to eat as few sugary foods as possible. Also, make sure that you limit sugary beverages as much as possible too. Your teeth and waistline will definitely thank you.

Not Visiting the Dentist Regularly

While it can seem like an inconvenience for an already-full schedule, a biannual dental checkup and cleaning is essential to maintaining dental health. If any issues do present, your dentist will be able to take care of them quickly. Also, your dentist will be able to make sure that you’re practicing good dental hygiene and will be able to advise you on anything you change.

Taking excellent care of your teeth will pay off and help you to live a long and healthy life. If you’re in need of a dental checkup and cleaning in Ontario, contact The Dental Centre now to schedule an appointment.We look forward to hearing from you!