Everyone knows that sugary foods lead to cavities and tooth decay, but there are other foods you should avoid in order to take care of your teeth. Here are a few of the lesser known problem-foods:


While ice may not have sugar or other damaging additives, it can still damage your teeth. Simply consuming an icy beverage is fine, but chewing the ice can get you in trouble. We’ve seen a number of chipped or damaged teeth among frequent ice chewers. Enjoy your ice water, but leave the ice in the cup.

Citrus Fruit
Vitamin C is fantastic for your overall health, but frequent consumption of acidic foods like oranges, lemons, and even soda, can weaken your teeth over time. The acid slowly erodes the protective coating of enamel on your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay and damage. We recommend rinsing your mouth with water after you eat that orange to help reduce the amount of time the acid sits on your teeth.

Dried Fruit
You know that gummy candies are bad for your teeth, but dried fruit can be just as bad for your dental health. Like gummies, dried fruit can get stuck in between your teeth. It’s naturally high sugar content does the same damage as sugary candy. After eating dried fruit, brush and floss your teeth to remove any pieces that may have gotten stuck.

Starchy Foods
Potato chips and popcorn give you that satisfying crunch, but particles often get stuck between your teeth or in your gumline. Who hasn’t experienced popcorn skin under their gums? These can become more than just a painful annoyance as the particles feed bacteria in your mouth. When left between your teeth, the bacteria buildup can lead to tooth decay.


Always rinse your mouth with water after you eat, and be sure to schedule your tooth cleaning today. The Dental Centre of Toronto will help you keep your smile bright.